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LUX. SONUS. MOVUS: UST Graduate School Master of Fine Arts Multimedia Class Exhibit

The exhibit of UST-Graduate School Master of Fine Arts students (Multimedia Class) was recently held at the Galeria de las Islas, Silahis Center, Intramuros, Manila from October 10-18.

Special thanks to Ma'am Mary Ann Bulanadi (curator), Prof. Bong Ducat (adviser) and the Galeria de las Islas staff for making this exhibit happen.

These are the works of the students:
Michael Belleza
Joseleo De Castro

Katrina Cortez

Mary Lei Nobleza

Manuel Dacanay

Manuel Dacanay

Roman Cruz

Sarine Liu

Solmaz Mousavvi

Stephen Buñi

Vanessa Pegoria

Venus Ghoncheh (view of artwork)

Inside Ghoncheh's artwork

Agnes de Vera

Budji Salceda-Tresvalles

Butch Cunanan

Charissa Ong

Eric Mendoza

Hazel Malagonio

Michael Kao

Pedro Garcia II

Pao Liao

Pan Lei

Citation of the exhibit, Philippine Daily Inquirer, October 17, 2011

All photos courtesy of the author. All Rights reserved.
Image post of the PDI Article (October 17, 2011) courtesy of Ms. Hazel Malagonio

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